Need Bee Removal South Florida Service? Learn 6 Factors That Might Come Into Play!

Living in the lower end of the Sunshine State is a dream come true for many. Hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches and coastline await you through 12 months of warm weather every year. The constant influx of new citizens, retirees, and tourists create job opportunities so you can have income, and the housing market is plentiful and often affordable. You spend your weekends golfing, doing touristy things, or enjoying multicultural experiences from many walks of life. You can even catch cruise ships heading to exotic destinations if you need time away.

There are downsides, even to what many consider to be a slice of heaven. The constant warmth means some months are pretty humid, and you might have to deal with things like bees. If you find yourself needing a bee removal south Florida service, keep reading to learn 6 factors that might come into play in the process.

1) Can I do it myself? Contemplating doing bee removal yourself is a tempting thought in some circumstances. It might look like you can get rid of the bees immediately on your own without having to spend money or wait for service. How hard can it be to destroy something? It’s almost always best to let professionals handle bee removal. Getting the entire hive exactly without doing property destruction or anyone getting stung is a skilled art, and probably not one you’re adept at if distracted by thoughts of saving time and money.

2) Do you have to pay for this? Whether or not you even have to pay for the bee removal is up in the air, and it largely depends on whether or not your property is owned or leased/rented. If you lease or rent, your landlord, owner, or property manager might the one obligated to handle such matters, but you need to check your rental agreement or talk to them to find out how your rights versus responsibilities break down.

3) Do you have to pay for all of this? Even if you own your home or property, then some cases might be covered by your insurance. Also, even if you rent, renter’s insurance sometimes provides coverage or discounts for emergency situations.

4) Who do I call? Your hunt for bee removal is likely to start with professional pest removal businesses, but ask about how they specifically handle bees. Some just come in and spray the hive down, leaving it to rot, but a few of them might actually have specialists that physically remove the hive, which is better.

5) How soon does it need to be done? If the bees are a relatively immediate threat to the safety of those around you, then you might need to pony up any service charges for after-hours or weekend service.

6) Should the bees be removed or destroyed? In all cases, you likely want the bees gone from your property. However, if you’re more Earth-conscious, you might want someone that can remove and relocate them then just kill or destroy them. Bees are a critical pollinating species whose numbers have dwindled dramatically in the last decade or more, so finding a new home for a hive can do everyone a favor.

Now that you know 6 factors that go into choosing or arranging for a bee removal South Florida service, you can find the answer that’s appropriate for your situation.