Great Beekeeping Products

These days, it seems as if more and more people are trying to eat organically. From meat treated without growth hormones to vegetables treated without pesticides, it seems as if everybody is watching what they eat. Organic farmers can make quite a bit of money with these popular specialty products. If beekeeping if something you enjoy, then you can turn a pretty penny turning a bee’s nest into a factory for turning out all natural honey. And, with honey being an incredibly versatile ingredient in all manner of cooking, it means that there is a steady demand for honey. But before you can begin harvesting honey, you need specialty beekeeping products.

Probably the most important of all beekeeping necessities is the hive. Artificial bee hives come in many different varieties, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some hives are larger than others and some are made of wood and others of plastic. Doing your research into the pros and cons of different hives is useful. Most beehives are simple 8 and 10 frame models. Each frame is a section of the beehive that can be removed and honey can be harvested from. Though 8 frame hives are smaller, that makes little difference in the size of the colony; further, while 10 frame hives hold more honey, they are also a lot heavier, particularly when saturated with honey, and harder to move. The second most vital tool is protective clothing. Clothing that can protect beekeepers from their bees can literally be a life saver and definitely cut back on painful bee stings. For even small hives, beekeepers will need at least a full protective jacket, if not a complete suit, veiled hats and long gloves that protect them from the stingers of their bees. The third of the most important beekeeping products is the smoker. Bees are repelled by smoke, particularly specialized chemical formulas meant to repel bees. This allows the beekeeper to chase away their own bees while they harvest the honey from their hives. Smokers need smoker fuel on top of that, which is a separate product. Finally, medications and pest repellents to keep your hive healthy and undamaged by hive beetles and other creatures that prey on bees can save you a fortunate if used regularly. While beekeeping can be rewarding in multiple ways, it is not the easiest occupation, whether as a main or side occupation. With this in mind, it pays to do your research into this potentially dangerous yet lucrative field.